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July 17, 2015

2015 SOCAMATYC Conference Highlights
2014 SOCAMATYC Conference News

Over fifty mathematics faculty from all over SC gathered at the Barton Campus of Greenville Technical College for a daylong conference focusing on MAT 101 and MAT 102.

SOCAMATYC President, Frank Monterisi TTC, posed several PowerPoint slides and discussion questions to be addressed during the day.  “ Am I teaching these courses differently than someone else in my own department? In my own state? What types of questions are on final exams for other schools? What can I do to improve success rates? Am I really supposed to be teaching the SAME material over and over again in two different courses? Why can’t students FACTOR? “  The goal of the day was to discuss what can I/we do to improve toward a mastery level of success for our students?

In one break-out session, Frank Monterisi had participants exchange final exams and a checklist was used to determine whether each competency was tested or not tested on that Final Exam as well as what extra topics were being tested. For those topics not being tested at a high frequency, a discussion developed as to possibly deleting those competencies or to begin testing them. Are there certain skills which students were frequently missing on final exams? If so, should we consider removing extra topics being tested and spend more time on the weaker skills?

In another break-out session, Dr. Hala Nestburg, SOCAMATYC Vice-President, presided over a conversation on which competencies are most taught and which are least taught and why. A lively dialogue concerned calculator use.  Discussions ensued pertaining to questions such as ‘Should all competencies be taught? What topics overlap in each course and could be removed? Should some be deleted or added? What topics are being taught in MAT 101 and MAT 102 that are not on the competency list, and why and how much class and test time is devoted to these topics? “

Frank Monterisi is currently in contact with members at the SC Technical College System office to discuss our conference with them and how best to move forward in potentially adjusting the competencies.

SOCAMATYC would like to thank GTC President, Dr. Keith Miller for hosting the event, SOCAMATYC Board members for organizing this conference, Cara Smyczynski TTC Coordinator MAT 101/102, each attendee who participated today, and Pearson Publishers and Hawkes Learning for providing faculty with textbook information and door prizes.

Executive Board Meeting Minutes from October 25th

SOCAMATYC Executive Board Meeting

10/25/13 – Greenville Technical College

 The meeting was called to order at 4:32pm by President Frank Monterisi (Trident Tech).

 Present at the meeting in addition to Frank; Vice-President Hala Nestberg (Greenville Tech), Secretary Pam Monterisi (Spartanburg Community), Treasurer Robert Walker (Greenville Tech), & Past-President Willie Bryant (Williamsburg Tech). No officers were absent, and no officers had a proxy.

 The date for the 2014 Annual Spring Conference will be Saturday, March 29th at the Belton Campus of Greenville Technical College. The cost will be $10 per person, which will include lunch and one year membership extension/renewal.

 Frank opened the meeting explaining that one of the objectives of the meeting is to have a ‘gathering of the minds’ to discuss some noteworthy disparities on the results of his surveys conducted earlier in the semester. The main focus of those surveys was to get an understanding as to where each Community/Technical College in South Carolina stood on the teaching and assessment of the Minimum Exit Competencies for MAT 101/152 and MAT 102/153. Calculator usage was also asked. Since Trident Tech, along with other community and technical colleges have either been exploring the idea or are in the process of redesigning those courses, all Executive Board members were in agreement that a collaboration with others from each of the SC community/technical colleges, would be a valuable resource. The Spring Conference will be a MAT 101 & MAT 102 summit of sorts, discussing those two courses in great detail with focus on the following:

o Results of the Surveys

o Placement Test Scores

o Creating Fluidity from MAT 032 MAT 101 MAT 102

o Consistency in topics being taught and tested on Final Exams

o Prerequisite skills for MAT 120 & MAT 109/110

o Calculator usage

o Comparison of Course Outlines

Book reps from different companies will also be invited, and will be asked to set up booths, with a focus on those two courses. No presentation by book reps will be occurring.

Tentative timing of the conference will be from 9:00am – 2:00pm, but more details will follow in the coming weeks/months. The goal is to have at least one representative from each community/technical college be present at the meeting.

 AMATYC is currently working on a task force that will help them develop a proposal to be discussed at the Convention in Anaheim, CA this year. Jane Tanner, the Northeast VP is chairing the task force. Four questions will be discussed at the meeting of this task force at the convention, and the executive board’s (SOCAMATYC) responses to the questions are listed below.

o If your state is adjacent to another region, how would it be to your advantage to be part of another region?

SOCAMATYC would like to remain autonomous rather than join with another region/organization. We are in the process of growing and becoming stronger in our own identity and need to focus on our own issues important to the 16 SC Technical Schools.

o To what extent is your affiliate's meeting successfulness tied to meeting jointly or overlapping with any other meeting?

SOCAMATYC has moved away from meeting jointly with organizations such as SCCTM and the MAA because we felt that there is not enough reciprocation when working together. We feel that more can be accomplished for our own issues, just meeting on our own.

o Is it important for an AMATYC representative be present at your affiliate meeting?

SOCAMATYC feels it very important to have an AMATYC representative attend an Annual Conference. We appreciated Annette attending ours earlier this year, and have already invited her to attend in 2014.

o In any year a regional VP does not attend your affiliate meeting, what other service/resource could AMATYC provide that might be just as helpful?

If a representative is not able to attend, we would appreciate AMATYC sharing contact information and any state information with us. We would appreciate information and training to produce webinars.

 The meeting concluded at 6:27pm


Highlights of the March 16th
South Carolina Mathematical Association of Two-Year College (SOCAMATYC)
Annual Conference

Twenty-five participants gathered in Rock Hill for a day of professional development and networking.  The day opened with a fifty-minute faculty math league competition hosted by our friends and guests from NCMATYC with 1st prize of a free year copy of Maple™ 17 Software going to JR Stevenson from York Technical College.

There was a diverse selection of PD workshops for participants to attend ranging from a psychologist’s view of mathematics to mathematics through technology education.  “Common Core Standards” are underway and the impact of this change in K-12 education will be felt in developmental math education at the two-year college level.  Presentations focused on outlining essentials that must not be overlooked when embarking on any kind of developmental math redesign.  Ideas were shared on motivating calculus students and improving success in applied and engineering calculus classes. A lively discussion involved the pros and cons of paper vs online homework and a discussion of some of the benefits shown by partially “flipping” some sections in MAT 110 (College Algebra) were also popular and rewarding sessions.

During the business portion of the conference, changes to the SOCAMATYC Constitution and By-Laws were discussed and ratified after a unanimous vote. Nominations for the 2013-2015 slate of officers were taken and a new slate of officers was elected.

Special thanks go to Annette Cook, AMATYC Southeast Regional Vice-President from Shelton State College in Alabama, the MapleSoft™ Corporation for providing the top prize for the Faculty Math League Competition, and Cathy Whatley, Past President from York Technical College for hosting the event.


For more information on how you can help SOCAMATYC, please visit our website at 
or contact Frank Monterisi. Thank you!


Slate of SOCAMATYC Officers 2013-2015

President:  Frank Monterisi Jr - Trident Technical College ( )

Vice-President:   Hala Nestburg - Greenville Technical College ( )

Treasurer: Robert Walker - Greenville Technical College  ( )

Secretary:  Pam Monterisi - Spartanburg Community College    ( )


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